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This website aims to provide the public with points of reference on the major environmental and human questions of our time. It allows people to find reliable, coherent and understandable information related to these issues. The site brings all these information in an educational manner and guides readers to other useful sites or documents which can further shed light on the subject. It thus acts as a portal for all areas of the environment. In order to offer a global perspective on information, this website provides its readers an international point of view. It is also bilingual (English and French). To insure the best quality of released information, the texts have been reviewed by experts from different universities and research institutes.

The Venus Project

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The Venus Project presents a bold, new direction for humanity that entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture. There are many people today who are concerned with the serious problems that face our modern society: unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, over-population and a decline in the Earth’s ecosystems.

As you will see, The Venus Project is dedicated to confronting all of these problems by actively engaging in the research, development, and application of workable solutions. Through the use of innovative approaches to social awareness, educational incentives, and the consistent application of the best that science and technology can offer directly to the social system, The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.


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Evolver is a new social network for conscious collaboration. It provides a platform for individuals, communities, and organizations to discover and share the new tools, initiatives, and ideas that will improve our lives and change the world. Evolver promotes sexy sustainability, yoga glamour, and shaman chic.


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TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences — the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford UK each summer — TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and Open TV Project, the inspiring TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize.

Gaia Media

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Gaia media is run by the Gaia Media Foundation, a non-profit organization established in Basel on 23rd of July 1993.
We communicate information for a holistic and up to date understanding of our existence, and the potential of human consciousness. We equally respect the knowledge and the experience of ancient cultures, spiritual traditions, and of modern science, without committing ourself to a particular view or direction. We advocate the firm belief that the ability and desire to achieve transcendence is inherent in man, and that expanded states of consciousness shed light upon the knowledge of the laws of life, of nature, and the universe. An awareness corresponding to universal laws not only guarantees humanity the surviving, but also allows us a symbiotic and hedonistic existence on Gaia, our home planet.

Integral Institute

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Integral Institute’s mission is to awaken humanity to full self-awareness. By providing research, education and events that foster intentional, behavioral, cultural and social self-awareness, the Institute helps global leaders from all arenas to improve the human condition. The Institute’s vision is that humanity lives with the awareness necessary to compassionately integrate the fragmented and partial perspectives of differing pursuits of the good life.

The Institute aims to help solve the world’s most complex problems. Among the primary goals of the Institute are research and cultivation of leadership of complex, global issues facing humanity in the 21st century, and in particular, those issues that can only be solved with a comprehensive, Integral and non-partial approach to the complex interdependencies that tend to characterize these issues. Global warming; evolutionary forms of capitalism; and the culture wars in political, religious, and scientific domains are all examples of problems to which the Institute hopes to bring new clarity.

Earthship Biotecture

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To evolve the way humans live on this planet by evolving existing methods of living, home by home.
To make small, believable steps toward slowing down and ultimately reversing the negative impact of human development as it relates to the Earth’s ability to continue to support life.
To present these steps in a way that affords easy understanding and inspires people to act.
To empower people to make positive changes in their own lives to reduce their personal effect on global warming.

Permaculture Principles

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Permaculture is a design system based on ethics and principles which can be used to establish, design, manage and improve all efforts made by individuals, households and communities towards a sustainable future.

This site explores the ‘essence of permaculture’ in a simple and clear way, expanding on the work of co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren.

Engineers Without Borders

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myEWB is Engineers Without Borders Canada’s online community! We envision this online community as a place where EWB members and non-members alike can connect to discuss human development and EWB’s operations. EWB is a large, distributed virtual organization and myEWB can help to keep us connected and working together effectively.

myEWB is also EWB’s chapter membership management system, providing EWB chapters with automatic mailing lists and other useful tools.

myEWB is an evolving system, with new features being added all the time to support the EWB community.

Light Seeds – Futures of Planet Earth

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Appropedia is, among many other things, a wiki for permaculture. It is the one active wiki creating an expanding body of permaculture knowledge and related wisdom.

Appropedia is the site for collaborative approaches to sustainability, poverty reduction and international development.


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Wikia is a collaborative publishing platform that enables communities to discover, create and share content on any topic in any language.Edit  href=

Wikia sites are written by community members that are passionate about subjects ranging from video games, TV shows and movies to food, fashion, and environmental sustainability.

The goal of Wikia Green is to build the best resource for citizens of the Earth to learn about the environment and how to live a more sustainable life.


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WiserEarth helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build alliances.

Open Architecture Network

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The Open Architecture Network is an online, open source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design. Here designers of all persuasions can:

• Share their ideas, designs and plans
• View and review designs posted by others
• Collaborate with each other, people in other professions and community leaders to address specific design challenges
• Manage design projects from concept to implementation
• Communicate easily amongst team members
• Protect their intellectual property rights using the Creative Commons “some rights reserved” licensing system and be shielded from unwarranted liability
• Build a more sustainable future

The Coaliting for the Willing Wiki:

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The Coalition started as a film and has grown into a movement. The film proposes enhanced collaboration to enable swarm movements toward resilient culture. We’re the group working to develop and realize this vision, and we are part of the larger Great Transition underway.


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WikiLeaks is a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important news and information to the public. They claim to provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for independent sources around the world to leak information to our journalists. They claim to publish material of ethical, political and historical significance while keeping the identity of their sources anonymous, thus providing a universal way for the revealing of suppressed and censored injustices.

Road Junky

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Road Junky Travel Guides are written to make you think, laugh and get a rough feel for a country. They go the extra step and tell you things other guides don’t and won’t dare to discuss. They’re for the inspired, independent traveler. The person who can just get up and go. The person who is moved by what she sees. The dreamers.


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CouchSurfing is an international non-profit network that connects travelers with locals in over 230 countries and territories around the world. Since 2004, members have been using our system to come together for cultural exchange, friendship, and learning experiences. Today, over a million people who might otherwise never meet are able to share hospitality and cultural understanding.


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WWOOF is a world wide network – It started in the UK in 1971 and has since become an international movement that is helping people share more sustainable ways of living.

WWOOF is an exchange – In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.

WWOOF organisations link people who want to volunteer on organic farms or smallholdings with people who are looking for volunteer help.


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Climatico is an independent network of researchers and climate change experts that analyze and report on the latest developments in climate change policy around the world.

 The Internet Archive

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The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format. Founded in 1996 and located in San Francisco, the Archive has been receiving data donations from Alexa Internet and others. In late 1999, the organization started to grow to include more well-rounded collections. Now the Internet Archive includes texts, audio, moving images, and software as well as archived web pages in our collections, and provides specialized services for adaptive reading and information access for the blind and other persons with disabilities. – The Vipassana Meditation Organisation

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As Taught By S.N. Goenkain the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, i.e., an Art of Living. For those who are not familiar with Vipassana Meditation, an Introduction to Vipassana by Mr. Goenka and Questions & Answers about Vipassana are available.

The technique of Vipassana Meditation is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results.

There are no charges for the courses – not even to cover the cost of food and accommodation. All expenses are met by donations from people who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana, wish to give others the opportunity to also benefit.

Coast to Coast AM

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Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 500 stations in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and Guam, and is heard by nearly three million weekly listeners. With hosts George Noory, George Knapp (weekend) and Ian Punnett (weekend), it is the most listened to overnight radio program in North America.

A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFO’s, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often unexplicable) phenomena. Coast to Coast AM is overnight talk radio with daytime ratings.

World Views

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World Views – A Celebration of Life through, Art, Music, Dance and Play.