Daily Rants

There is something seriously wrong with the western cultural model, it breeds isolation, its flags so called ‘Independence’, a false notion that is based on empty ideas in an empty heartless idiological arena. We all know we are all interdependent yet we fear loss due to our inadability to provide for ourselves as we are for the most part, disconnected from our core. An idiology born from fear and greed for social status and material things etc. We could learn a lot from the countries and cultures not yet broken by capitalistic imperialism, the places on this earth where people still share food together and hold a sense of community higher than they value the empty, fleeting things of the material world. We lack community so we try to fill the void with things, and ideas and beliefs

We join religions and groups to fill our natural need to be part of something, we sacrifice our freedom of thought for our deep need for company and a sense of being part of something, a group, a collective, something greater than our small isolated id.

living in places like Thailand showed me what our culture/society is missing, before that I had ideas, and felt this emptiness inside we all feel, we try to fill with things but only living in a more natural place did I come to see what life is supposed to be like, when people honor their need/desire for companionship more than they honor their fears. I will start blogging on my website instead of wasting my posts on FB

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