4 Laws of Creation

According to Bashar

logo2The Four Laws of Creation

Number One:
You exist. Can’t do much about that. You exist — that’s a law. You exist. That means that you can never not exist. Because, I’ll tell you another secret, the other side of that law is, there is no such thing as non-existence. Listen to the sentence, there is NO such thing as non-existence. Non-existence doesn’t exist.
Number Two:

The One is The All, The All are The One. That’s Law Number Two.
The One is The All, The All are The One — every, seemingly separate thing is made up out of The One, and The One knows itself as The One and as all the things it makes up.
Law Number Three:

What you put out is what you get back.
Law Number Four:

Everything changes except the first three laws. Everything changes except the first three laws. The reason it is framed that way is to that you can understand that means that even the fourth law changes. And when change changes what does change become? That which does not change, which is the first three laws. So the forth law gives birth to the first three, which gives birth to the forth, and it is, in that sense a circle of perfection, and that is all there is.
Every single experience you have in any dimension of experience anywhere, anywhen is based on those Four Laws, and that’s it. Anything else that you call a “law” is simply a local condition that happens to be a combination, in some way, shape, or form, an expression in some way, shape or form, of the Four Laws. Because when we say “law” — we mean capital “L” — it cannot change. As opposed to laws of physics which are not always exactly the same, depending upon dimension, universe — what have you. Even your own scientists are beginning to understand that there is malleability, even in your physiological universe, to the ideas and concepts of such things as speed of light and so forth; in a sense it is a constant, but there are other ways to look at that that makes it not so.
Whereas these Four Laws are this way, no matter where, when, or who, or what you happen to be within in creation. These are the defining frameworks of existence itself.

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